About Us

This blog is a love letter to the places we have been. It’s our attempt to capture the sights, smells and sounds of the places that we have fallen in love with. A way to capture the stories and memories before they fade.

Our blog isn’t about finding the perfect resort. Or taking the perfect selfie. Or doing the perfect anything. It’s about being in a place, and living in that moment, regardless of what that means. 

Sometimes it means standing in awe at the wonder and beauty that surrounds us. Other times it means trying to figure out what to do when your travel plans go in the toilet. Either way, it’s a memorable experience. And memories are why we travel.

Along the way, we will try to share some of the things we have learned. And what we wish we had known before we started our adventure. 

Hopefully, we can also share a few laughs. 

We hope you enjoy our site. That it’s helpful. That you come back often, sharing your stories as well.


Gregg & Vicki

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